First and foremost, those of you who do not know, the NRA hosted its first NRA Carry Guard Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Basically this event was a fun educational opportunity for people to gain more knowledge and skills about all aspects of our Second Amendment. The Expo had many different workshops and seminars guests could attend. Guests could also peruse around the venue and look at a variety of firearm, and knife manufacturers, tactical gear, gun storage and more.

In addition to all of these interesting activities, there were many training sessions. For example, there was a session about what to do if you’re armed and approached by a police officer. Another exciting aspect of this event were the 2A advocates. UFC champion Royce Gracie was there signing autographs, Dana Loesch and Colion Noir had meet and greets. The list of interesting people and sessions is endless.

Something that was very prominent during the Expo was the fact that everyone in attendance is passionate about safety and training. That’s where the disconnect comes in with the gun-control people. They think that just because someone owns a gun, that they have no training and are solely out to shoot random strangers. This is obviously an untrue statement, as there were tons of safety courses all throughout the Expo.

Besides all of the training sessions and safety courses available at the event, there was a Concealed Carry Fashion Show. This show was all about the best looks and ways to conceal your weapon. This was one of the major highlights of the show overall. One person modeled a white leather shoulder bag that conceals your firearm in a beautiful way. Design label WERQ showed off an around the waist holster that hides stomach fat all while making the wearer prepared for danger. Most notably, the fashion show mentioned that skinny jeans are out, and that wide legged pants are back in style… because of calf holsters. As the show went on more and more models came out wearing various styles of handbags, and holsters that are perfect for on the go firearm carriers.

On a side note, since guns were involved that means protesters were at this event too. Due to the array of protesters standing outside the venue entrance, there were many police officers located all around the building’s premises. The protesters were marching around the outer corners of the building, carrying posters and chanting about how the NRA is hateful.

According to an article over at The Truth About Guns, Johannes Paulson went around asking  the protesters and asking them why they were there. These were the responses: An older gentleman questioned on why he was protesting to which he replied with,  “Because I am adamantly against the, uh…this National Rifle Association, this racist agenda that’s, um, encouraging mayhem,” and continued on “with shows like the show that they’re going to have with the country and western singers that are going to be talking about ‘the South is rising again.'”

The “racist” show that the man was referring to was a concert with an all star country line up of the Charlie Daniels’ Band, Travis Tritt, and Lee Roy Parnell. But alas, here we go again, more of the same old same old. “The NRA is racist”, spiel is getting tiresome. You would think for people that are passionate about gun control, they would at least come up with better arguments pertaining to the act, policy, and rhetoric of the organization. Paulson continued to press this particular man for answers, he asked if the Second Amendment was a civil right. He said this: “Oh, the Second Amendment is fine, I’m talking about the National Rifle Association. Let’s not get the [NRA] and the Second Amendment confused.” What? The NRA fights harder than any other organization for our gun rights, and are the face of the Second Amendment.

The article also included pictures of a chant that the protesters were reciting. You can view the chant from these pictures. The author of the article mentioned that he was offered a printed out copy of the chants from a woman in a “bright green reflective vest.”

Furthermore, this is why I just don’t understand these people. They don’t even know what they are even protesting. Like always, these anti-gun people meant nothing to the real defenders of 2A that attended the event.

The NRA held a wonderful event that was extremely successful. As a result every day more and more people decide to stand up and fight with the NRA, for our right to bear arms.

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