Leyla Pirnie Joins EMPOWERED 2A as TX Chair

Updated: Mar 6

Leyla Pirnie is currently a graduate student at Harvard University who serves as Liaison to the Texas Federation of Republican Women for the Texas Young Republicans Federation. She is also a Board Member for Boots for Warriors, an Ambassador for Turning Point USA, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. If Leyla seems familiar to you that is probably because she made headlines last year when her landlord forced her to move out of her apartment in Massachusetts after her roommates found her legally owned firearm. Leyla owned the firearm for personal protection after leaving an abusive relationship. 

Watch: Leyla's interview with Fox News

Fun fact: Leyla lived in Turkey for 13 years before moving back to the states and attending the University of Alabama for undergrad. She speaks fluent Turkish, French, and Farsi.

"I’m so excited to join Gun Owners of America in its most worthy cause of fighting for the constitutionally protected and God-given right to self-defense. Through Empowered 2A, we’re going to be leading the charge in educating young women and men on how to take control of their own safety. Every student in America deserves the right to protection through gun ownership, and I look forward to tirelessly preserving that undeniable right." --Leyla Pirnie, Texas State Chair

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