Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Empowered 2A INTERVIEW

1. Did you grow up with firearms?

A. I totally didn’t grow up with firearms. My mom likes to hunt but never has taken me so wasn’t a family thing. 

2. What made you start taking your second amendment and self-defense rights seriously?

A. Honestly two factors. One was the shooting in vegas last year. I was on stage an hour before the shooting and when we were bunkered down there was only one handgun in the bar. I felt helpless and remember thinking this will not be me again if we get out of here alive. Also coming from the music industry and dealing with abuse I felt more empowered each time I learned more about self defense. 

3. You are a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. How do you think we as pro gun women should handle this new #MeToo era? 

A. The real way to help young women is to empower them. Training and learning how to carry ones set and protect one self is the right way to get girls and women out of being victimized. I also believe in due process. 

4. Why do you think women don’t embrace their gun rights?

A. Because we have been tough since children to be good girls. Don’t hit back and be nice even when we are being picked on. I think if more women knew safety for themselves we would see less rapes and less murders of women. 

5. What advice can you give young women who seek true female empowerment? 

A. Gun up! I say it all the time but I truly believe the best way to empower oneself is to learn how to fight back. You may never use it or need it but it gives you a self assurance and confidence that does exude. People don’t mess with strong people. It’s a vibe. When we are weaker we are targets. 

6. You are a follower of Jesus Christ. How does that empower you? 

A. 100% I am a servant for the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s my savior and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his grace and mercy. I’m still a work in progress but I try my hardest to follow his word. I love Jesus.