Jan. 2022 Ft. Worth, Texas Event Summary

Empowered 2A recently held an event to introduce women to shooting at the Defender Outdoors indoor shooting range in Ft. Worth, Texas. The event was planned a few weeks after our first event in Houston. Like the one in Houston, this event was sold-out with several dozen women present.

The group included women from all ages and walks of life, with a third of the participants saying they had never even touched a gun before. Our head instructor was specifically praised by many of the women for her excellent teaching. As part of Empowered 2A's goal to enable all women to receive high-quality firearms instruction, childcare was coordinated with a dedicated agency to ensure women with children under their care could attend.

The class included a portion on training in political activism, instruction on how to handle rifles and handguns safely, and ended with a range session with live ammo. At the end, those who chose to were able to participate in a full-auto fun shoot!

In all, this class of women new to shooting fired over 4,000 rounds!

Everyone involved was thrilled with the event and there were many requests for more of these classes. Empowered 2A and Gun Owners of America will continue to work with top-notch firearms instructors across the country to provide high-quality, low-cost firearms training to women.

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