The left riots, threaten and destroy others property because they do not agree with a different ideology, not seeing the fact that they are stifling free speech, going against our very constitution.

The First Amendment applies to all Americans; so yes Liberals, Conservatives have free speech too. When an opinion is different than yours – it does not automatically mean you can claim hate speech. This seems to be an ongoing problem in our Country today and it has to be stopped.

Conservatives are being attacked day after day for simply having a different view point. What does the left do instead of having an intellectual debate? They burn cars, smash windows, and twitter troll. We have seen Conservatives attacked for their support of the First Amendment, but the left can get away with destroying one’s property simply from anger!

A great example of this is what happened at Berkeley in California. Ann Coulter’s speech was cancelled, and when Milo Yiannopoulos was booked to speak, destructive forces took to the streets. If you do not agree with what is being said, all you have to do is not listen and do not attend. They are using this as a platform to display acts of violence.

Groups such as ANTIFA, on the left, seem to really think that violence is okay. Throwing water bottles full of urine at cops, shouting “What do we want Dead Cops, when do we want them Now” and other grotesque dialogue.

I am tired.

I am tired of seeing the media consistently blame President Trump for the actions of these individuals. I am tired of watching them project this false narrative of the President just to add fuel to the fire, because they simply do not agree with his policies. I am tired of the media trying to label all the President’s supporters as racist and bigots, yet they do not want any profiling done on their side.

I am sick and tired of this media bias.

Other than the media and these violent groups, you also have celebrities chiming in every second they can!

Kathy Griffin thinks it was okay to hold a decapitated head of the President of the United States up during a “Photo Shoot.”

She claims it was humorous because she is a “Comedian.” In New York, they were performing a play, Shakespeare in the Park where they depicted President Trump being assassinated. There should NEVER be a time where the President of the United States is being portrayed as being assassinated or any form of violence towards the President be displayed.

In a time where Our Country needed unity, these individuals chose to divide and spread hate. While the liberal elites in Hollywood think they are above everyone else, they need to realize that by constantly bashing President Trump and his supporters, they are not spreading love, they are creating a more divisive state. Madonna made her statement at the anti-Trump Women’s march saying, “I Have Thought A Lot About Blowing Up The White House.”.

The left seems to cheer on those that burn the American flag and kneel during our national anthem as they say it is their first amendment right. Yes, it is their right to do so! The issue comes when conservatives speak out against these disrespectful acts, we are somehow hateful bigots, and don’t have that same right. It seems that anything we say that is patriotic they say it is offensive and claim hatred. We see this in the Colin Kaepernick kneeling of the flag claiming oppression. The left cheers him on when he is completely off the mark with his statement considering he is making millions for throwing a ball. Conservatives who want to boycott Kaepernick and the NFL get targeted as bigots because they don’t support his kneeling nor his claims about oppression. Football fans accuse the Miami Dolphins of being racists because they signed Jay Cutler over Colin Kaepernick. Teams have their right to pick who is they want on their team. This is not racism, this is the game.

The First Amendment applies to ALL Americans – which is something the left needs to understand. Free speech for one, free speech for all.

It is time to stop the hate and violence simply for disagreeing with a point of view.

We have the right to disagree, but we need to use our voices and intelligence to have civil discourse.

Conservatives, We Must Not Let Them Silence And Intimidate Us.

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